A downloadable game for Windows

Tab in game will bring an instructions window up - if you forget the controls

WASD to run around

R to reload manually, or auto reload upon shooting with no ammo in clip

Q to swap guns - full automatic rifle / pistol with unlimited ammo

You can treat the pistol as semi-automatic of fully automatic however it is slower when used as a repeater vs a revolver

Hold left click to shoot - will continue shooting if still held after reloading or swapping gun

Right click to aim

Picks up just require running into - but health cant be picked unless you are wounded

Left Shift to sprint - cannot shoot and sprint simultaneously, smart sprinting is implemented, so you will resume after actions have finished provided key is still held. - Actions will force you to walk.

Quit - Alt tab then press the main menu button -> quit button / close the application down manually

Install instructions

Locate the application / .exe

Keep openning folders - it will be there :D


Build_08_GunSmooth_PlayerSmooth.7z 194 MB


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cannot download, not even a promt comes up


This is this page, that link at the top "return to game" takes you to the right page. This must be comments only section

Gun is really fluid to use, game is a bit too easy though, making the enemies do more would make it more fun